Housing Works is one of my favorite organizations of all time – it’s a community action organization that really brings the WOW factor to thrift store shopping!  It has become chic for fashionistas and stylists to volunteer their time for the shops, displays and loading docks, and the country’s most high-end designers consider it an honor to donate their goods to benefit this extremely important organization.

Family obligations found TSC in the Emerald City recently; Seattle reminds me of New York in that each neighborhood is its own little city, each one surrounded by breathtaking scenery and fitting a particular mood.  The recycling and community programs would make Al Gore weep with joy, the food is good, the coffee strong, and the people open and lovely.

My niece Danielle took me on a day trip to a few fantastic stores for, ahem, research.. of course with plenty of mind-blowingly good coffee in between.

Today was a banner day for Thrift Store Confidential.  I met my friend Mindy, who is a complete genius with such a keen eye for all things designer it boggles my mind.  I’ll do a feature on her in an upcoming post. Anyhoo – the Goodwill on 25th Street in NYC boasted that all clothing was 50% off after 5:00 p.m.  I have weeded out my closet to exclude anything ill-fitting, non-flattering or downright inappropriate, and was in need of several staples to fill out the gaps that my purge left behind.  Mindy and I met up at 2:00, and the games began.